Non-Member Registration for Mesa Hotline School – May 6 – 9, 2024
Transmission Class

Limited to 25 students per class.

Class Summary: The transmission course is designed for the member systems that work on voltages from basic 230kV down to 44kV levels.  The hotsticking provided is pointed towards the safe hotline maintenance procedures, teaching proper tool maintenance and care.  This course is not designed for beginning climbers.  The student should be comfortable at heights or on taller poles. (intermediate –  advanced climbers.)

Prerequisites: Student must be certified by a company official as a qualified climber.  Must be experienced lineman.  Some experience on poles taller than distribution poles. Knowledge of safe working clearances and transmission voltages.  Basic knowledge of rigging.  Students must bring their own climbing tools, hand tools, hardhat and other PPE.  Students must also use two safety straps when climbing.