Mesa Hotline School Burn Fund Guidelines

The following guidelines are designed to help with the distribution of the funds.

  1. The Board of Directors of Mesa Hotline School will appoint a committee.
  2. The committee may consist of the following members. Cooperative, Transmission and Generation, Municipal, Investor Owned, Contractors and CREA. The committee shall consist of a minimum of four members. The committee shall elect a chairman and secretary.
  3. The committee will report to the President of the Board.
  4. Request for donations will be directed to the committee for review.
  5. Money raised for the burn fund will be kept in the Mesa Hotline School general fund account. Donations received for the fund will be used for the fund. If all donations to the fund are issued no other checks will be issued until more donations are received.
  6. Once a committee verifies the request, it will be sent to the President and the Secretary Treasurer for approval and distribution of the check.
  7. Each member of the school could request a donation on a person’s behalf from this fund by contacting the secretary and he will forward it to the burn fund committee for their recommendations. If a person has received an electrical burn they would be eligible to request up to a $2000 donation. If a person has received a flash burn they would be eligible for up to a $500 donation.
  8. A company representative (Operations, Safety, or Human Resources Departments) or a state representative (Statewide Safety Representative) may file a request on behalf of any person.