Mesa Hotline School has many programs to enrich and fulfill our students and members lives. We provide support to burn victims with our burn donation fund. We also provide scholarships to prospective students. The Mesa Hotline School is proud to support our community and our members.

New Membership

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Mesa Hotline School, please fill out the application and return it to the Mesa Hotline School. Thank you for your support!

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Mike Dean Memorial Scholarship

Mike Dean Memorial Scholarship is a $3,000 post graduate scholarship for employees of Member Companies of Mesa Hotline School. The purpose of the Mike Dean Memorial Scholarship is to remember and recognize a great mentor and teacher, as well as what he meant to the Mesa Hotline School organization.  He spent countless hours teaching Lineman and Substation Techs on the dangers of, and operation of electrical equipment.  This scholarship is for assistance in paying student loans and other expenses associated with becoming an electric line worker. The applicant must have graduated from an accredited power line workers program; must be currently employed for a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 5 years.

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2024 Student Scholarships

The Mesa Hotline School wants anyone interested in attending a line workers technical school to have the opportunity. That’s why we strive to support students with available scholarships for qualified students.

Mesa Hotline School’s Board of Directors and Member Companies believes that it is in the best interest of their member companies to support the education of future employees in the power line worker industry. Mesa Hotline School will be awarding scholarships for students attending accredited post-secondary MHS approved college programs in the power line worker industry.

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Scholarship applications must be received by Mesa Hotline School on or before December 31st.

Journeyman Certification Test

The Mesa Hotline School Journeyman Certification Test was developed in 1986 as a tool to assist the lineworker in his trade and demonstrate the person has the skill and knowledge needed to safely and competently work in the high voltage industry. Successful completion of this test verifies journey level competency which can be used when changing lineworker positions.

The employer must certify the applicant is functioning as a journeyman and has a minimum of 8,500 hours working int he electric utility industry. This is a certification test, not a journeyman qualification test. That should be done through the employer.

The written test consist of over 300 questions, made up of true/false, multiple choice, short essay, equipment identification, match the phrase and transformer connections. Four hours are allotted for the written portion with a ten minute break every hour. After the written test, there is an oral exam consisting of ten questions covering the broad spectrum of electric utility work and components. Key items covered in the test are basic electrical theory (Ohm’s Law), metering, transmission, transformer connections, overhead and underground construction, CDL requirements, OSHA job briefing information, knots, first aid and safety. Any category associated with the electric utility industry is covered.

Reference books to study are: The Lineman’s and Cableman’s Handbook, Electrical Essentials for Powerline Workers (Thomson Delmar Learning Books), Ugly’s Book, the National Electric Safety Code, Duncan or GE Meter Book, Chance Hotsticking Book, Live Line Bare Hand Manual, Federal Motor Carrier’s Safety Regulations Book, WAPA Distribution Loss Evaluation Manual, Elastimold Underground Catalog, Distribution Transformer Theory for Line People Book, Tri-State SOP Manual and OSHA Regulations CFR 1910.269.

The comprehensive certification is recognized by all 67 members of Mesa Hotline School, as well as many other utilities in the western United States. It is administered free of charge to employees of Mesa Hotline School members. The test was developed and is administered through the volunteer efforts of the members of MHLS.

So take a positive step for your future and sign up for the next test session. The test is administered twice a year; January in Grand Junction, CO and July in Denver, CO, usually at Tri-State G&T Headquarters. The testing time is usually a Wednesday during the middle of the month and takes most of the day. If you have any questions about this valuable service, please contact any of the Mesa Hotline School Board Members.

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Burn Fund Donation

The Mesa Hotline School supports the recovery of victims burned on the job. If you wish to submit an application for a burn donation, please fill out the application below. For companies and individuals wishing to donate to the burn fund, contact us for more details. Thank you for your generosity!

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Apply Online:

To apply for a burn fund donation, please fill out the information below.  The board will consider your request and contact you.

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