Mesa Hotline School Scholarship Program Guidelines & Requirements

Mesa Hotline School’s Board of Directors believes that it is in the best interest of their Member Companies to support the education of future employees in the power line worker industry. Mesa Hotline School’s Board of Directors has given approval for a maximum of ten $1500 scholarships to be awarded. The ten scholarships will be given to students attending accredited programs in the power line worker industry. The accredited program must be approved by the Mesa Hotline School’s Board of Directors.

The purpose of the program is to provide financial assistance for students enrolled in post secondary accredited and approved programs. To be eligible to apply for these scholarships, the student of immediate family must currently be a customer of a Mesa Hotline School member company.

Applications must be submitted in writing to Mesa Hotline School’s Scholarship Committee by December 31.

Applications must be typed or printed and include a certified copy of your college transcripts, a copy of your class attendance signed by your instructor, and answers to the following two questions;

  1. Describe what motivated you to want to work in the electrical industry and become a lineman.
  2. Describe why an employer would view you as an asset to their workforce.

Your scholarship application will not be accepted if you fail to include all of the above mentioned information with your scholarship application.

The Student must be a full-time registered student in an accredited program for the current school year or have just finished a program. The applicant must include information for a contact person with the school.

Checks to the successful applicants will be mailed to the selected students.

The selection committee will be using the written application information to select the successful applicants. The scholarship winners will be announced in January at the HLS board meeting.

Mesa Hotline School will announce the names of the winning applicants and the names of the institution the student attended at their annual Mesa Hotline School Banquet in May.

Other than the payments of the scholarships, no obligation or liability is assumed by Mesa Hotline School or its Board of Directors. The program may be discontinued at any time at the discretion of the Mesa Hotline School Board of Directors.

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Applications Must be Mailed to (Application may be received prior to completing the course. Scholarships must be mailed by the instructors of the line workers course if the course is still going.)

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